Working group participants
Deputy head of Cherkasy regional state administration
Head of the Department of regional development of Cherkasy regional state administration, head of the working group
Head of economic development division of the Department of regional development of Cherkasy regional state administration, deputy head of the working group
Chief specialist of the section of economic development of the Department of regional development of Cherkasy regional state administration, secretary of the working group
Manager of Geekhub
Representative of UNDP in Cherkasy region
Head of the division of investment, international cooperation and regulatory policy of the Department of regional development of Cherkasy regional state administration
Director of the tourist agency "Mandrivnyk", head of the public organization "Cherkasy Region Hospitality Association"
Head of "Urozhay Hromadi Charitable Foundation"
Head of KasyaNova Event
Project manager and coach of the public organization "Moloda Cherkashchyna"
Founder of Agency of Tourism Initiatives
Owner of the hotel and restaurant complex "Dykyi Khutir", head of the public organization "Tourism movement of Chyhyryn region"
Head of the city promotion section of the division of information policy of Cherkasy city council
Director of Cherkasy Regional Development Agency
Head of Cherkasy regional office of U-LEAD with Europe Program
Honored artist of Ukraine, owner of TELIZHENKO fashion house
Fashion designer of TELIZHENKO fashion house
Head of the municipal enterprise "Tourism and information centre of Drohobych", analyst of Agency of Tourism Initiatives
Coordinator of Ukrainian initiative "Active community" of Ukrainian public association "Institute "Respublica", head of the public organization "Community media hub"
Head of "Cherkasy IT Cluster"
Co-owner of LLC "Way Up Company"
Mykhailo Protsenko
Developers of the logo, identity, marketing strategy:

  • Oleh Bilyi, director of the design studio "White Design Studio". Oleh has developed brands of such cities as Drohobych, Kalush, Chornobyl, Boryslav, Kamianka-Buzka and Rakhiv district.

  • Dmytro Bulanov, director of the creative buro Dmytro Bulanov creative buro. Dmytro has developed the tourism brands for Zaporizhzhia, Henichesk and Skadovsk district.

  • Ihor Chava and Oleksii Malytskyi, experts of the Agency of Tourism Initiatives of Drohobych. They have prepared the strategies of the strategic development of Cherkasy region, which we are now implementing.
Learn more about the process
Analysis of the region's opportunities
After the detailed analysis of the region (July-September 2019), the Department of regional development of Cherkasy regional state administration has initiated the development of the region's brand.

The experts of the Agency of Tourism Initiatives, which already had the successful experience in the regions' brands development, have been invited for cooperation.
Slogans discussions
The working group has united people, who represent different spheres of life in order to start the brand creation process (October 2019).

It was decided to start from the slogan contest. After all, the proper slogan was to help the team in developing the brand. When more than 200 variants were received, the working group worked them out and voted for the best three ones.

Moreover, in 2019 we have launched this website and have started the information campaign. As a result, in the period from September 2019 till January 2020 we have received over 400 publications in the media and social networks and 10 TV and radio broadcasts.
Tourism forum in Cherkasy
On December 13, 2019 the Department together with the Public Association "Cherkasy Region Hospitality Association" held in Cherkasy Art Museum the 4-th Tourism forum of Cherkasy region "Let's create a BRAND of Cherkasy region".

The presentation of the initiative on brand development was held and the partners from Drohobych, Kyiv and Ternopil shared the best practices. They explained to the guests why it was important to have a brand of the region.

More than 80 representatives of the tourism business, authorities and the public attended the event. Also Vita Vdovychenko has presented the TOP-3 slogans of the region. The community was offered to choose the best one.
Investigation of the region
Dmytro Bulanov and Oleh Bilyi who were entrusted with the development of the brand according to the chosen slogan (Cherkasy region - land of great power), went on a trip to the region.

They have visited various museums and monuments, reserves and picturesque places of the region. Their aim was to identify the unique elements of Cherkasy land.

More detailed information in The Village article.
Presentation of the identity
Several months of work resulted in a logical conclusion – the presentation of identity, brand and marketing strategy on July 31, 2020. The team celebrated this event with a bright presentation in the fresh air in Kholodnyi Yar.

According to experts, work on the brand has just begun. As the residents of the region themselves will give the meaning to the brand and breathe life into it. Every time when they use it.

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