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This website is an information and communication platform on the process and stages of Cherkasy region’s branding.

Cherkasy region

Place of Power

A place, where the Ukrainian state was born.

A land of the Trypillia culture – one of the brightest phenomena of the ancient history of Europe. A place where the Cossack Ukrainian state led by Bohdan Khmelnytsky was built. A homeland of Taras Shevchenko, the world-famous Ukrainian poet.

A picturesque region with a rich history – Cherkasy, the Place of Power.


The story of Cherkasy brand

The brand identity “Cherkasy region – the land of great power” was developed by White Studio and Bulanov Büro. It was presented on July 31, 2020, in one of the power places – Kholodnyi Yar near the Oak of Maksym Zalizniak.

The logo and the identity were positively met by the public, the team of the Department of regional development of Cherkasy regional state administration, and the partners.

It was the final preparatory stage of the region’s brand implementation. The strategy of the tourism development was taken as a basis.

From left to right: Oleh Bilyi (White Studio), Olha Kasianova (presenter, KasyaNova Event), Ihor Chava (Agency of Tourism Initiatives), and Dmytro Bulanov (Bulanov Büro) at the presentation of Cherkasy region’s brand.


What is a brand?

An idea, which unites the residents of the region.

A brand is an image and recognizability of the region. It is a story about us, which we tell to the world.

The successful brand will allow the Cherkasy region to attract investment, tourists, and talents, export its products, and challenge stereotypes.

Branding is not a short-term project, it’s a strategy.

Cherkasy region

The stages of branding

(March – July 2019)
Involving the representatives from the community, business, and the regional council.
(Aug – Oct 2019)
Letting the region’s residents get to know about the initiative and offer their own variant of a slogan.
(Nov 2019 – Jan 2020)
Our team has chosen the TOP-3 ideas which were later voted for online and offline. “Institute “Respublica” helped us to organize a voting.
(April – July 2020)
White Studio and Bulanov Büro have developed the brand materials which you can see on this page.
Analyst of the Agency of Tourism Initiatives Ihor Chava has developed a 5-year strategy for the region’s brand implementation for Cherkasy regional state administration.

Brand is an idea which unites and inspires.

Success depends on every resident of the Cherkasy region.

Our partners

They help to create the Cherkasy region's brand

Media partners

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